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Cisco Live ignites creativity, delivers practical know-how, and accelerates the connections that fuel the digital future. Join us in person, digitally, or on demand.

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Join us June 16-17, 2020 for the Cisco Live 2020 digital event.

December 12, 2019

Register now for Cisco Live バーチャルFX Las Vegas and save up to $500!

November 27, 2019

There is still time to register for Cisco Live Barcelona.

Cisco Live APJC 2020 Virtual Event sessions now on バーチャルFX demand.

2020 sessions from Barcelona are now on demand.

Available Now! Download Cisco Live sessions to watch offline.

2019 sessions from Cancun are now on demand.

Watch the opening keynote from Cisco Live 2019 Cancun.

Download your certificate of completion for Cisco バーチャルFX バーチャルFX バーチャルFX Live 2019 Cancun.

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Join Cisco Live in Amsterdam, February 7-11, 2022. Format バーチャルFX subject to change.

Cisco Live 2021
Now available! Access all 450+ sessions from the event, no matter your 2021 pass type, for free.

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Explore 40 バーチャルFX new maps with a curated set of on-demand sessions to watch from Cisco Live 2021.

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Watch on-demand technical and leadership sessions from previous Cisco Live events.バーチャルFX


No Green Screen Background Replacement

Remote video call essential. Upload your own images or videos バーチャルFX to replace the background or apply blurring filter to cut out the visual noise, boost the productivity, and secure the privacy anywhere, anytime. Make your video meeting fun and engaging with your own avatar.

ChromaCam Business

No Green Screen Background Replacement

Remote video call バーチャルFX essential. Upload your own images or videos to replace the background or apply blurring filter to cut out the visual noise, boost the productivity, and secure the privacy anywhere, anytime. Make your video meeting fun and engaging with your own avatar.

Hide Background Mess

Business call on a beach without worrying visual distractions. Simply choose ChromaCam in the camera settings and let the magic happen.

Use on existing video conferencing solution

ChromaCam works on all the latest video conferencing softwares such as Zoom, WebEx, BlueJeans, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet.

Express yourself with Chromatars

Build your own avatar or choose from our diverse set of avatars to better express yourself and bring more fun to your バーチャルFX meetings.

Avatars powered by

Personify Presenter

Boost Engagement in Online Presentation

Personify Presenter transforms the way you connect at a distance. Embed your active persona into an online demo or meeting from anywhere, like a weatherperson, to enhance rapport with audience.

More Effective On-Line Demos

Personify バーチャルFX Presenter removes your background to embed you in any presentation or demo. Seamlessly integrate バーチャルFX all kinds of applications for your presentation that are tailored to your audience.

Elevate Existing Meeting Tools

Personify Presenter is a desktop application and works with all the major バーチャルFX video conferencing services to help take your presentations, demos, or video content to バーチャルFX the next level.

Enhance Presentation Experience

Ease of use and short learning curve create an intuitive experience for users while giving a WOW effect to the other side of the screen and improve engagement.

Looking for virtual background on your native conferencing app?

Personify offers the user segmentation SDK tool for the best quality virtual background experience and ready to go-to-market, contact us for purchase details.

What they say about us

"I am really enjoying Personify and definitely see it as a distinctive and powerful new way for people to present and collaborate. Where I love Personify most is in some on-demand learning that we are developing. Wow! Personify lets me absolutely differentiate バーチャルFX our quality in ways that people notice. We look so professional and so on バーチャルFX top of our game (which we are!)."

Jaclyn Kostner, Ph.D.

"The visual quality of my virtual classes are fantastic since [starting with Personify], and my students are telling me this with great pleasure."

Luigi Bonafé

"Our company wanted to set up webinars to meet loan officers in remote locations. We wanted green screen technology which would end up costing バーチャルFX over $30,000 to set up and also an extra employee to run the software. Then I found you guys! Definitely look into Personify, I believe it can really help your business grow with the interaction."

Andrew Nuntapreda

"I find it transformative. Personify lets me go far beyond presenting content, to modeling how to learn in a very realistic and very personal way. It has resulted in better quality content, acquired more cheaply and with less time as compared either with conventional in-studio production or with lecture capture in the classroom."

Sally Jackson, Ph.D.

"Just conducted my first remote class using Personify and… wow! You guys have created the coolest presentation enhancement tool. The class was dramatically better as I was able to interact with participants and the slides バーチャルFX as if was actually there."

Don McDonald

"I have to tell you, every time we show the personify functionality people all go nuts. We showed it in one of バーチャルFX Adobe's All-Hands across several hundred people and it was the most excitement throughout バーチャルFX the entire meeting."

Rocky Mitarai

"We used Personify with Adobe Connect and the research shows "virtual face to face" is much more compelling and engaging than voice to voice. We also deliver corporate training over video. In the past we had to have webcam studios with curtains and lighting. The 3D cam with Personify eliminates the need バーチャルFX for that, which is huge."


【SBI FXTRADE及び積立FX(店頭外国為替証拠金取引)】
店頭外国為替証拠金取引は、取引金額(約定代金)に対して少額の取引必要証拠金をもとに取引を行うため、取引必要証拠金に比べ多額の利益を得ることもありますが、その一方で短期間のうちに多額の損失を被る可能性があります。外貨での出金はできません。経済指標の結果によっては価格が急激に変動し、思わぬ損失が生ずるおそれがあります。また、その損失の額が預託した証拠金の額を上回ることもあります。取引価格、スワップポイント等は提供するサービスによって異なり、市場・金利情勢の変化等により変動しますので、将来にわたり保証されるものではありません。取引価格は、買値と売値に差があります。決済方法は反対売買による差金決済となります。店頭外国為替証拠金取引にあたっては必要な証拠金の額は提供するサービス及び取引通貨ペアごとに異なり、取引価格に応じた取引額に対して一定の証拠金率(「SBI FXTRADE」個人のお客様:4%(レバレッジ25倍)、ただし、ロシアルーブル/円およびブラジルレアル/円は10%(レバレッジ10倍)、法人のお客様:一般社団法人金融先物取引業協会が毎週発表する通貨ペアごとの為替リスク想定比率*(通貨ペアごとにそれぞれレバレッジが異なります)、「積立FX」個人および法人のお客様:100%(レバレッジ1倍)、50%(レバレッジ2倍)、33.334%(レバレッジ3倍))の証拠金が必要となります。

SBI FXトレード株式会社(金融商品取引業者)
加入協会:一般社団法人 金融先物取引業協会
一般社団法人 日本暗号資産取引業協会


Sonic Studio III Audio Station UI


Make Sonic Studio your audio control center with the new audio routing feature. The advanced tab allows for quick switching of the default output device and also serves as a central point where you can map different applications to バーチャルFX different devices.



Sonic Studio is now VR Ready with Sonic Studio Link. You can apply Sonic Studio effect directly to your VR headset by enabling Sonic Studio Link.


How it works:
Sonic Studio is defined as an Audio Processing Object (バーチャルFX APO) under Windows. Since by definition, APOs must be included in an audio driver, they are limited to only affecting the corresponding device. Sonic Studio Link applies a バーチャルFX specially developed technology that allows Sonic Studio to inject its effects onto a third party device.


Smart Volume keeps a consistent playback level when the user switches between different contents and application sources


How it works:
Smart Volume is a dynamic compression バーチャルFX of the sound level (push up the softest sounds, and push down the loudest sounds)


Extracts and boosts the frequency of the human voice for crystal clear in-game communications and dialogues in movies.


How it works:
Voice clarity extracts voices mapped to the center panned speakers and then boosts the volume to make dialogue clearer and easier to understand. In the case of 2 channel audio, Voice Clarity acts バーチャルFX on the phatom center audio.


Increase the sub-bass and bass frequencies to allow for pounding and punchy beats as well as visceral explosions.


How it works:
Bass boost provides a 0-12dB boost with a corner frequency of 125Hz. The effect is バーチャルFX compressor limited to prevent any distortion.


Increase the treble frequencies to enhance the バーチャルFX clarity of the overall recording strengthening the attack of many percussive sounds, while also increasing the volume of the human vocal range.


How it works:
Treble boost provides バーチャルFX バーチャルFX a 0-12dB boost with a corner frequency of 2kHz. The effect is compressor limited to prevent any distortion.


Simulates echo effects commonly heard in large halls to create more spacious sounding audio.



Virtual Surround processes multi-channel audio with a proprietary algorithm to バーチャルFX バーチャルFX provide surround sound on 2-channel headphones.


How it works:
The virtual surround effect is バーチャルFX 3D virtualization technology based off of a head-related transfer function (HRTF). It is developed by measuring the changes in perceived sound of test tones in a 360 degree バーチャルFX バーチャルFX field around a dummy head. An algorithm is then developed to simulate these changes with 7.1 audio. Since the efficacy depends heavily on the testing methodology and the properties of the dummy head, Sonic Studio’s algorithm is then averaged with a バーチャルFX database of available algorithms to obtain an effective mean for a more balanced virtual surround effect


DTM ・DAW(プラグイン、シンセなど)のセール情報

*HEAVYOCITYのKontakt用製品は「フリーのKontakt Player」に完全対応しています。



『Mosaic Pluck』過去最安!


Heavyocityのサマーセール2022で、同社の「Mosaicシリーズ」の『Mosaic Pluck』(2021年5月リリース)が、過去最安値を更新しています(50%OFF。通常価格:119ドル → セール特価:79ド.

通常価格:119ドル → バーチャルFX バーチャルFX セール特価:79ドル(過去最安!)

『Damage 2』(*おすすめ)最安タイ


次世代のパーカッションバーチャル・インストゥルメント Heavyocity『Damage 2』。V1から10年の歳月を経て、シネマティック・エピック系のパーカッション・インストゥルメントの新しい頂点とも言う.


『Ethnic Drum Ensembles Collection』最安タイ


スコアリングに適した人気の「Heavyocity Master Sessions」シリーズの一つ「Ethnic Drum バーチャルFX Ensembles Collection」の半額セールも復活しています。

Ethnic Drum Ensembles Collectionは、タイコ、ダイコ、ボンゴ、コンガ、フレームドラム、ジャンベ、ダンベク、ボドラン、ダルブカ、バタス、カホン、シュルドが入ったエスニックドラムのKontaktライブラリです。

Heavyocityのサマーセールで、スコアリングに適した人気の「Heavyocity Master Sessions」シリーズの一つ「Ethnic Drum Ensembles Collection」の半額セール.





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